Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big, Feeling Big

I ate too much, I think. I just am hungry a lot. Some women lose weight during the last few weeks. This is not me. I have gained a couple pounds every week, since week 30 when I got to Kodiak. Now I'm at week 37, so that's like 14 lbs, I think. I am drinking a lot, so as not to get dehydrated. But, over all, I have still gained less than I did with the other two kids. Well, I think so anyways. There is a little bit of time left. I am healthier. I don't eat sweets or junk food anymore. I'm not concerned about the weight gain-its the tightness. My belly is so stretched. And, its all out front. I have never carried my babies this way. Usually, I'm just wide and fat all over.

The Braxton Hicks are getting more frequent and I'm sore. I have a sore belly. I don't believe that its labor yet. But, I don't remember these sensations. There is lots of pressure lately. Maybe its my big fibroids? Gas? Active baby? I have no idea. My baby is still very active. That is good. But, there is not pattern to these contractions, so I'm not concerned. I'm just uncomfortable.

My husband comes home tonight. He was gone for three days. Then, I can go into labor. He doesn't go on anymore trips (I don't think so anyways).

I am tired. Today, we got the food shopping done. I cooked the kids waffles for dinner. The house is mostly clean. I read books with the kids. My daughter studied her spelling words before bed. She is a good girl. I am off to bed. Not much longer till baby, I hope!

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Secret said...

almost there--so close. Glad hubby no worries. Proud of you for no junk food....awesome! Hugs