Friday, July 10, 2009


I am back to homeschooling, sort of. My in-laws were here for a visit, and then my husband had a couple days home with us. So, for a week and a half, no school. It is hard to get back on track. And, my husband is in Waukegan, IL, with the Coast Guard, so we are on our own for a couple weeks.

Before he left, my anxiety/panic attacks reared their ugly heads. I think I had several, kinda like waves. It is time to get meds, but my lovely doctor can't see me for almost two weeks. Isn't that the way it always works? If I had the flu, I'd probably get in today, but for mental health, well, that's not urgent? There is therapy, and that is helpful (thus the nudge to get meds). My son has been waiting almost two months to go to the allergist for his eczema. He needed help two months ago too.

Ok, it seems that all I have to post is complaints. Let me see. The kids did something cute today! My daughter put on her swim suit and her brother filled a sprinkler can and turned in circles "sprinkling" her like a pretend sprinkler. And they painted on an easle.

Happy July everyone!


CAS said...

Big Sis... Some things that have helped me when I have bad panic attacks and no way to curb them might also help you. The first thing I do is play the "Worst Case What If" game in my head. It seems that no matter how bad things look like they could get in that game, it all comes back down to Christ and His saving forgiveness on the cross for my salvation. No matter how bad it is in this veil of tears, nothing compares to the glory that awaits us in eternity! However, the "what if" game has its downfalls, it can lead you to panic about more if your forget to get to justification.

The next thing that helps me is distraction. I try my best to put the anxiety in a box and promise myself that I can let it back out again when the activity is over. Whether it is cleaning house or doing some craft project, I allow calm time, even if it is artificial to help make it a reality.

I envision some of the most peaceful places I know of as well. From beaches to mountain tops in the distance, to a quiet prairie with a small breeze, I try to envision myself there. I will try to think of every smell, every sound, every sight in that place and usually it takes my mind off of what scares me.

I also usually pray a daily office when it gets bad. The LSB hymnal has different family prayer settings for morning though the end of the day. It has suggestions for Scripture readings as well. My favorite hymn is also often sung when it gets bad: "God's Own Child I Gladly Say It".

While none of these are a "fix" for those events, it does help me get through them so that I can make it with the rest of the tasks given to me that day. Maybe one or two will help you, too!

Lots of love!

Little Sis

TJ said...

Just thinking of you and wanting to send (((hugs))) your way. I hope today has been a better day.